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July 29, 2009


I don’t remember exactly when I got my iPhone, but I know it was within a few months after it first went out on the market. I was hesitant and waited for a while before I gave in. I was quite happy with my little LG cell phone to, well, ┬ámake calls and send texts. […]

3 Reasons I Love Living in Raleigh | North Carolina

May 31, 2009


1. The beautiful sunsets. North Carolina is a photographer’s paradise for finding beautiful locations to capture the glorious sky as the sun slowly dips out of sight. This particular sunset was captured at Shelley Lake in Raleigh.

HDR | Color vs B&W

May 2, 2009


I’ve been dabbling in HDR over the last couple of years. Since it requires multiple exposures, a tripod and a scene worthy of bringing out the high dynamic range of colors and tones. It’s not something I do a lot of. Lately, when I do get out and shoot with HDR in mind,  I’ve been […]

Group Exhibit | Somewhere in Raleigh | May 2009

May 1, 2009


I am pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting four 32″ x 22″ photos from my Raleigh collection at the Cameron Village Regional Library during the month of May, 2009. I’m excited because this is my second group exhibit in the 20 months I’ve been in Raleigh. This small group exhibit, ‘Somewhere in Raleigh’, […]

Portfolio Update |

April 29, 2009


I have just added some of my more recent photos to my online portfolio at All of the photos in my collection are from different places around the US and Canada, mainly the US at this point. I will update with even newer photos in the near future, and will be culling to try […]