Posted on July 29, 2009


I don’t remember exactly when I got my iPhone, but I know it was within a few months after it first went out on the market. I was hesitant and waited for a while before I gave in. I was quite happy with my little LG cell phone to, well,  make calls and send texts. That’s what cell phones were for, right?!

A close friend of mine (a huge Apple fan) got hers the day it was made available to the masses. She showed it off like it was a new diamond engagement ring. I was resistant. It seemed too heavy. Too complicated. Did way too many things that didn’t seem necessary for a cell phone. Well… I guess I got hit over the head with a bat or something, but one day I caved and got my very own shiny new iPhone.

Then began the slow and gradual love affair. I’ve now been a proud owner of my 1st generation iPhone for about 2 years. It has a couple of cracks in the screen already, from slipping out of my pocket a couple of times.  But it still works great, and since the robust 3.0 update I feel like I got a new phone. Anyway, I started using the camera to take snapshots of random stuff, my cats, self portraits, clouds in the sky, etc. The iPhone Apps market wasn’t even a thought at that point, at least not publicly. But now there is a huge amount of apps including a category for photo editing. These apps make the iPhone snapshots so much more interesting and fun. I go through periods where I just use my iPhone more than my Canon 5d, some of my Flickr friends like to affectionately comment on that when I show up to a meet without my 5d.

A growing number of people on Flickr, for example, have photo streams dedicated to their iPhoneOgraphy, including myself, I even have my own group just for camera phones. It’s so easy to just snap a shot, then upload it instantly from the iPhone to a Flickr account for all to see, no matter where I am. And with an app called Flickit I can even add it to my Flickr group. I’m still working on taking more artful shots with my iPhone and getting comfy with the apps that are available and discovering new ones that make me think of using it in a different way. In the meantime I get lucky with the occasional shot that can impress the hell out of any pro photographer out there! Some apps I’m using:

  • ToyCamera
  • iBlur
  • PanoLab
  • CameraBag
  • Mill Colour

Here are what I consider my best iPhone shots to date: