3 Reasons I Love Living in Raleigh | North Carolina

Posted on May 31, 2009


1. The beautiful sunsets.
North Carolina is a photographer’s paradise for finding beautiful locations to capture the glorious sky as the sun slowly dips out of sight. This particular sunset was captured at Shelley Lake in Raleigh.















2. The autumn season.
I don’t think a lot of people know that Raleigh, being a Southern locale, actually experiences all four seasons, including a beautiful, cool and colorful autumn. Myself, I was very pleasantly surprised to realize this the first year I was here.















3. The occasional light blanket of snow.
I have lived in a harsh snowy winter climate (Toronto) and an arid desert climate (Las Vegas) that rarely gets snow. A southwestern desert snowfall isn’t quite as beautiful since there aren’t many trees around.  Here in Raleigh I seem to have found the perfect balance. When it snows in Raleigh, which it might once or twice each winter, it is a true winter wonderland. With all the city parks, rolling landscapes, tall trees and the beautiful sky as a back drop. Such a treat for me, indeed. Especially since I know it won’t last too long!

Pullen Park, Raleigh, North Carolina