Group Exhibit | Somewhere in Raleigh | May 2009

Posted on May 1, 2009


I am pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting four 32″ x 22″ photos from my Raleigh collection at the Cameron Village Regional Library during the month of May, 2009. I’m excited because this is my second group exhibit in the 20 months I’ve been in Raleigh. This small group exhibit, ‘Somewhere in Raleigh’, captures the people, places and stories of Raleigh, NC by some fine local photographers. The other photographers showing are: Abby Nardo, Don Hazelwood, Holden Richards, Jake Kitchener, Stan Crocker, Ian F. G. Dunn, Robert Mueller. If you are local and going to check it out look for them behind the concession stand, under the staircase on the main floor. If you’re not local I added the descriptions, thumbnails and bio below.

Photo descriptions:

classypubClassy Pub
A local patron’s fedora casts a mysterious atmosphere at The Landmark Tavern, Raleigh. A classic pub-style establishment catering to the local and fervent beer culture.

Turkish women sitting on the floor around a low table preparing traditional Gözleme at the annual Turkish Festival, NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh. Gözleme is a savoury traditional hand made and hand rolled pastry. Filled and sealed, then cooked over a griddle.

hottestmenThe Hottest Men
Prideful cowboys resting after an impassioned bout of bull riding at one of Carousel Farms, Raleigh weekly events. Bull riding and barrel racing is claimed to be the “hottest” thing going on in Raleigh.

During this traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, held in Raleigh,  the leaves underfoot represent the Seven Steps, or Saptapadi. It is said in Hindu philosophy that if two people walk seven steps together then they will remain lifelong friends. Each nut atop the leaf represents each promise they make with each step. Food is involved in almost every stage of the ceremony, including candy.

Bio written for this exhibit:

Having spent most of my formative years in a bustling multi-cultural city – Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
I have become accustomed to being surrounded by many different ethnic people, lifestyles and traditions.
I consider myself lucky to have been immersed in such an interesting environment. Each person is unique,
and no matter their origin, religion or way of life they each have a fascinating story to tell. Whether orally,
or by their actions. As an observer it is only natural for me to want to shoot what I see as it happens. I tend
to quietly look for natural actions and be fascinated by the nuances of body language. A person’s stance,
facial expression, motion of the hand, or sitting posture can alone invoke emotion, imagination and

Since my arrival in Raleigh, North Carolina in late 2007 I have spent time attending events and festivals
that represent the small but present multi-cultural facet of life in Raleigh. I am honored to have been
invited to show my photography for the ‘Somewhere in Raleigh’ exhibit here at the Cameron Village Library.
I hope that the photos I’ve chosen collectively succeed in revealing a snapshot of the diverse community
that exists in this beautiful little city I now call my home.